Candidates are eligible to apply if:

1. they hold one of the following qualifications:
    a) at least 3 years (180 ECTS) undergraduate degree in sport science area awarded by a
        European University or equivalent degree released by non-European Universities;
    b) at least 3 years (180 ECTS) undergraduate degree in different areas or equivalent degree
        awarded by a non-European University;
2. They are going to obtain relevant qualification by 30 November 2016 and at the time of application have acquired at least 155 ECTS. Candidates who will obtain relevant qualification by 30 November 2016, will compete only for positions not assigned in the graduate ranking list.

Students enrolled at accredited universities where the 3-cycle system has not been implemented may be admitted provided that the European Master Board ascertains they are in possession of:

- 15 years of education, 3 of whom at university level;
- 180 ECTS or equivalent, acquired in the proposed field of study of this degree program.

Possession of 180 ECTS will be ascertained on the basis of the student’s study curriculum and will be considered valid only for the admission to the European Master, without issuing any 1st level degree. This type of students will be admitted if all positions have not been assigned and subject to passing examinations indicated in the paragraph “Selection Criteria and ranking”.

Candidates holding a non-italian degree and presenting their application in Rome (see below) shall submit by the closing date for receipt of applications:
1. Degree certificate listing all passed exams, translated and authenticated in Italian;
2. Official proof of degree validity issued by the Italian Consulate in the country where the degree was conferred and it should be clearly stated that the degree is valid for the application for admission “in Loco” to the second-level course.
3. Annex B, “Information about graduate studies ” filled in and signed. In this case    documentation as in points 3.a) e 3.b) should be sent to the appropriate offices within 4 months from enrolment. Applications falling outside these requirements will be cancelled.

Foreign students will not be asked to pass the Italian language test.